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If you own or manage a gym, are a personal trainer, or are interested in top quality commercial equipment for personal use, you've come to the right place. My name is Bill Casto. With over 30 years experience, I can help you find the right equipment at the best price. It's all about value. Call me at I've known Bill Casto for over 25 years. Bill has found a niche in the pre-owned exercise equipment business. He has built a successful business with fair prices and great service.

I consider him the "go to guy" because of his in depth knowledge and experience. Jim Flanagan. Buying and selling used exercise equipment can be a dirty business with the potential for huge disappointments and broken promises. Bill Casto has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area of buying and selling equipment. Having worked in the fitness industry for more than 27 years, i highly recommend Bill without reservation. Matt Brzycki.

Princeton University. Bill, I spent a bit of time on your website today and really enjoyed it. Dean Sbargia. Integrated Fitness Resources. Search by Body Part. Matt Brzycki Princeton University. Equipment Spotlight.The following are available for purchase. Please contact Gary Anich email sandrini yahoo.

Any further information on equipment, contact Gary directly. Nautilus Abdominal Machine- See attached pictures.


Nice shape. No rips or tears. Contact: David Goalder Serious interest only please. Price does not include shipping. The following equipment is available. Please contact TJ Lynch directly for details, pictures. E-mail tjlynch hotmail. Client has some equipment to sell. Please contact directly for pricing and additional information. Contact Gary Anich - or email at sandrini yahoo.

He is located in California. Pictures have been sent by him and are below. It has been posted on the page for a little while that our rates would be increasing. Here is the breakdown. If you have any further questions, please ask us. Rate as of September 1, all orders received by August 31, will be at old rates. This needs to be done by outside source.

medx craigslist

If any additional situations arise additional labor costs, tow truck or rentals for moving machines, administrative or any other costs incurred, additional charges will be incurred.

Again orders received before August 31, will follow the old rates that are still listed. A client would like to sell these machines below. Please contact him directly for further information.

Contact Dan Hunter email is danphunter1 aol. Gary Anich email-sandrini yahoo. Contact him directly if you are interested in. Client has a piece for sale. Contact directly for pictures and additional information. Equipment for sale.We provide top dollar for your equipment and work closely with other respectable brokers around the globe.

Research your brokers name google etc to make sure you are dealing with right person for your needs. If you are selling your equipment we have several programs: 1. Cash Purchase and 2. Broker Services. You decide whats best for you. Call for more info. We work only with qualified shippers Goalder and Camacho.

We have buyers around the world looking for used MedX Equipment.

medx craigslist

MedX Equipment. Call me for more information: or Email: tony at fitstrength. We have a great relationship with MedX Inc. We highly recommend checking with MedX direct if you need new equipment and parts we can always help. Go to the New MedX Website at: www. Please contact us if you are looking for or selling MedX equipment. We have numerous buyers domestic and overseas looking for MedX equipment.

Read More. Excellent condition. Very rare to see a package like this come up on the used market. NEW style leg restraint system.Log in or Sign up.

Think Muscle. It's purported to have a large ROM degbut I'm wondering if it's really a good stretch oriented exercise. I tested one a bit a few days ago Now that was fun! Getting into it was a challenge because MedX separated the left and right sides, unlike the older Nautilus pullover and it seems to be a bit more oriented toward contraction than stretch.

As your arms come up over your head, it seems the lats are less involved than they are with chins or a pulldown movement. Yeah, but I keep returning to the original one: a barbell.

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Not a direct answer to your question butI've been trying this movement that doesnt seem to have an official name yet and find it stimulates my lats comparable to the way the ORIGINAL nautilus seemed to hit lats better than any alternative lat movement I've personally tried.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I found it on BB. RUSSOct 25, Interesting exercise Russ BTW, he calls them lat shrugs. It isn't a lat fly.

Lat flys are the reverse of a pec fly done with DB's or on a machine. Lat shrugs seems to be the best name, either that or Lat Dips! Forearm lat presses? Semanticssemantics TunnelRatOct 25, Only problem with pullovers with a barbell is it suffers at the lower end resistance starts tapering off at the contracted position. But it does produce a better stretch.

Russ, Funny, I sometimes kind of stretch out my lower back with my arms in that position. I've even wondered if it would be effective for lats, but never tried it.

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I usually use free weights, but that movement almost cries out for a machine able to handle that unique positioning of the arms. Thank you all for the comments!

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Still better than a machine, but really, when I try that I lift myself off the ground, so I find them uncomfortable what with all that trying to stay in place! If you're not going to use the MedX pullover machine please send it to me. One of the weightrooms at Clemson U.Bob Marchesello Lost Determine the Length of Your Workouts. Evaluate Your Progress. Keep Warm-Up in Perspective.

Something must be done. To find out more about McCutcheon and his training, click here. Mission Statement. Acceptable Use Policy. Privacy Policy. Landau Florida, USA. Darden in his private gym on GrowingBolder. Click here to see the video of Dr. Darden's 5-minute workout. MB Madaera Lost Chris Madaera Built 9 lbs muscle. Keelan Parham Lost 30 lbs fat Built 4 lbs muscle.

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Jeff Turner Lost Jeanenne Darden Lost 26 lbs fat Built 3 lbs muscle. Ted Tucker Lost 41 lbs fat Built 4 lbs muscle. Mission Statement H. LOG IN.

Used Equipment For Sale

Well I just got the itch again and I had to go out and upgrade my facility. Converting over to a full line of MEDX. I'll put them up here before anywhere else.

Some have already been sold. I am located in Cambridge Ontario Canada. Open discussion is fine but prices will only be discussed via e-mail or private messege.

I look forward to getting this whole project done and posting it on the website. Also Sorry I didn't mention it. The Nautilus are tan on brown. If you go over to the omni-tricep thread you will see a picture of an omni bicep and tricep that are the same color scheme as what I have. Mike, I hope that this does not mean you are going to change that wonderful avatar of yours Believer wrote: mike if you are selling these medx machines what medx machines did you just get??????

I have another one of each that will be on my floor. When my floor is all setup I will be posting pictures. Personally some pieces work very well for me and some a little less.

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The tricep is incredible. But at the end of the day I realized this takes my gym to the next level in what I can now offer a broader range of clients. Hello Zand, The machine in the Avatar is staying at my facility and I wont take the picture down until I can take the same picture again 20lbs heavier. For that Michael, you should be very proud.MedX Core Torso Rotation: Revolutionary in its ability to truly isolate waistline muscles, the Core Torso Rotation is the most effective design of its kind.

Shoulder, arm and chest muscles are neutralized by a unique padded restraint system. A separate system of padded restraints effectively locks the pelvis and prevents the hip and gluteus muscles from assisting in rotation of the torso. Core Torso Rotation increases strength and flexibility right at the core of the body.

Not surprisingly, it's a favorite among golf pros looking to increase club head speed. This is the FIRST time ever a non-surgical treatment has proven to reduce the curvature of the spine! Link to government website with abstract: Additional scoliosis information: Click Here. The Core Super Stretch is easy, pleasurable and its effects can be felt immediately.

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One-of-a-kind, this patented technology places the body into bio-mechanically advantageous positions for effective stretching. The hanging stretch, in particular, facilitates spinal decompression.

Used MedX For Sale

The total 7-stretch program enhances movement around the knee, hip, spine, shoulder, elbow and wrist in addition to stretching seven major muscle groups including vulnerable hamstrings and hip adductors. Testimonials and references: "There is simply nothing better than MedX. Our patients love MedX and experience excellent results. I also own decompression equipment and we find our outcomes are much better with the combined with MedX versus decompression alone. Tony and FitStrength have provided us with excellent service, knowledge and commitment to helping our practice grow.

I have worked with Tony for over 10 years and recommend giving him a call. Our MedX equipment is an intergral part of our success. MedX equipment is simply a must have for a "results" based practice. Tony has helped us open 12 facilities in the past 10 years and provides us with our MedX equipment as cardio equipment.

If you have a spine practice MedX is a must have. We have purchased MedX medical machines and exercise machines from Tony over the past 10 years".We offer coaching and resources to further strengthen your candidacy and help you make a great impression on future employers. Join Our Talent Community Sign up today to receive notifications about relevant opportunities and access content to help prepare you for the next step in your career.

Join Community. This awesome group of professionals helped me achieve the goals I had set for myself in my search for a rewarding job.

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I now have permanent position with a great company and enjoy going to work every day! I love my job today, and I have Medix to thank! Deborah D. Medix Talent. Everyone I have worked with at Medix has been so helpful. They do everything they possibly can to keep everyone happy, and they are so good at getting back promptly to answer questions.

I never thought I would love a temp agency this much! I am so happy Medix is the one I worked with. Lyndsey F. Medix talent. I think the behavioral assessment is a great tool for helping guide individuals in making career choices. Coming from an educational background in psychology, I found the survey to be very in-depth and accurate in comparison with similar personality tests I have taken in the past.

MedX Equipment

Carly G. My experience with Medix has been great so far. Every person I have interacted with has gone above and beyond to help me out. Any questions I have had, she has answered very quickly and clearly.

medx craigslist

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